Great Destin Books From Heiress Arts Publishers

Welcome to Heiress Arts Publishers, the publishing house that brings you the first books about Destin, Florida to be created in almost 20 years.  Founded in 2001, Heiress Arts Publishers featured the house imprint, “Books That Refine,” with the premier of The Impressive Art of Straightening the Home, Creating a Home of Importance Where Greatness Happens, an inspirational book for the homemaker.  Ten years later,  Capt. Ben Marler’s popular classic titles, Old Destin Through the Eyes of a Child,  AND 4 o’clock in the Morning In a Sleepy Fishing Village Called Destin, AND I Am Not Ashamed o f(You Need This Book!) Jesus, were debuted to readers around the world.  Available at, Barnes and Nobles, Books a Million, and Christian Lifeway Stores.

With Ten New Titles in the works, and more washing up on the beautiful beaches of Destin every day, Book History is in the Making!

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